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Corey Evan Leak

Founder, Existential with Corey Leak

About Corey

I am a husband, married to my best friend, a father to three amazing daughters and we live in the Bay Area of California.


I’m also a writer, artist, and communicator.


I’ve been invited to speak about social issues in various venues such as: SJSU, high schools, churches, local businesses and the Bay Area Q Commons event.


I use social media to facilitate important conversations about the obstacles this country faces in becoming a more just society. I have met with community organizers, artists, writers, and faith leaders to help formulate plans and actions aimed at promoting justice and dignity for all ethnicities.


Nice to meet you!

Engage with my work creating justice & faith content for the deconstructing.

DEI Coaching


Corey has his Diversity & Inclusion Professional Certification from Cornell University.

Events & Speaking


Corey is a writer, artist, and communicator who speaks about social issues for businesses, schools & churches.

Existential Podcast


Existential is the podcast that reminds us we are human before we are anything else.

Existential Sundays


Existential is not just a podcast but a community of people contending for a better world.

DEI Coaching

  • One-on-One Coaching for Leaders

  • Interactive Coaching for Teams

  • Corporate Training & Seminars

I believe that having difficult conversations and tackling tough topics is the way forward for humanity, and I want to help you engage. People have found that engaging in these important discussions have allowed them the space to be themselves, become more aware of their own biases, and grow in areas where they were previously ignorant.


As you engage with the content I’ll share with you, I hope you’ll find that you will be challenged to evaluate how you think about polarizing issues. I’m not going to try and convince you that I have figured out solutions to the nuanced challenges facing our society today. I haven’t. Neither have you, and that’s ok!


We are all in this together, and I want to help you delve into deeper conversations about things that affect the people around you.

Speaking & Events

Circles Are Greater – Q Commons


In this 10 minute talk about racial unity, Corey talks about how we are better in circles than we are in squares. When we embrace each other as human beings there are no sides, no corners, and no “them”. We huddle together as “us”.

I encourage you to join in the ongoing conversation we’ve been having over the last several years and consider how you might get involved in making your community a more just place for its citizens.

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